Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Potter Puppet Pals

(UPDATE: April 20th:
This cartoon was a joke made last month. Personally I back JK Rowlings and hope she wins her lawsuit to stop the publishing of a Harry Potter Lexicon. It is not right that someone can make a guide to her world and characters without her having a say about it. If she loses then anyone that wants to steal a creators characters can do so. That simply is not right)

For those that don't know, some kids in Mass. came up with a very funny send up of Harry Potter called "Potter Puppet Pals".

I saw it a while ago and thought it was hilarious. Turns out they won the youtube award for funniest video a little bit ago. While checking out the huge coverage they got I saw on a blog somewhere that the Harry Potter community on the web (which is massive) were speculating when JK Rowlings and Warner Bros. would put a kabosh on their merry making.

Personally I think she has more to worry about than some kids making fan art(like somebody trying to create a guide to the Harry Potter world. A guide that she has not authorized.) But the idea was funny to me.

Warner Bros.(the House that Bugs built) is so huge and owns so many properties and characters including rights to make the Harry Potter films, Superman and Batman(and the rest of the vast DC comics world, The Matrix, and of course Bugs Bunny and all the Looney Tunes.

I thought an over the top cartoon of JK Rowlings and the Warner Bros. Legal folks having the young puppeteer arrested with a lot of Warner Bros. heavy hitters in tow would bring the point home of the extreme silliness of the notion and also underscore this: It's great when people love a character or story so much that they pay tribute to it through videos fan created stuff and so on. However just bare in mind: When you start trying to make money with some one else's intellectual property Bugs Bunny and a whole bunch of lawyers might come knockin' on our door. I really have to include some aspect of this in an animation project I'm working on(no warner bros stuff included of course) : )

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