Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Insane Loo Queen

A few years ago I was in Berlin. I was in a club and went to the bathroom. As I stood at the urinal I notice someone had scribbled in ballpoint pen an insane looking abstract queen say "Don't Stand there staring at me. Hurry and have a wee!" I broke out in uncontrollable laughter and it was hard to go to the bathroom as I was laughing so hard.

I took a picture with my cell phone but unfortunately it was lost and when I went back there a year or so later drawing was painted over.

I decided to interpret that piece in my own way because I thought it was very clever and a great example example of why street art is so cool. The simple act of going to the bathroom was made hilarious by some artist that scribbled a little cartoon. My queen was inspired by the queens in a standard deck of cards. I put these up in bathrooms from time to time. I continued the joke and added the second phrase. This second version goes into bathroom stalls and is my final foray into potty humor. I thought it would be appropriate to put them up as they are in the same vain as "laptop in the bathroom" which we also stick up in bathroom stalls here and there.

So if you ever go to the bathroom in an airport, club, or bar you just might meet The Insane Loo Queen!!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Laptop to the Bathroom

More people do this than admit it. Hee hee hee.

This will begin my post a day of my art. I will be adding a link where people can buy a shirt of the days comic if they like.

Be on the look out for very large street art versions of the daily toonz in various cities around the world(I travel a lot)...the first person to send me a photo of a work in the streets will get a free t-shirt of that work.